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Inspiring Moments with Child Prodigy “Tanmay Bakshi”

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It was a red-letter day for the CPS Group of Schools when our students had the unique opportunity to meet the 14-year-old Tanmay Bakshi, who is an Artificial Intelligence Developer, Neural Network Architect, Computational Thinking Coach, IBM Champion for Cloud, Software Developer, Author, Keynote Speaker, Algorithm-ist, Honorary IBM Cloud Advisor, IBM Watson Programmer and a Youtuber, at the hallowed IIT Madras.

His keynote speech on Artificial Intelligence was a spectacular one. He is an expert in teaching Computing, Programming, Algorithms, Machine Learning, Watson/AI, Math, Science and finally Neural Networks. His AI Projects on Bitcoin Trading, Depression Identifier in the Healthcare Domain and AI Cognitive Project for Boo were stupendous. It was a great exposure for our students who want to master in AI. His keynote speech was a great motivation to all our students as this meeting ignited them to explore something new in their lives.  He made it clear that no AI can replace human beings. Our students posed relevant questions to Tanmay who enjoyed interacting with our students and promised to visit our school in his next visit to India and Chennai. Questions as innocent as ” How did you become an IBM Champ?” to matured ones as ” How can AI help surgeons from messing up with human lives during a surgery?” solicited interesting responses from him. The session ended with a note: Follow your heart and passion. It could be anything, just practice and get better at it!


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