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Indian Independence Day: ELP Kids honor the Tricolor Flag @ CPSGS TMZ

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The Joy of breathing free air of a motherland is an incomparable and matchless feeling.

While we celebrate our 72nd independence day it is equally important to remind the young generation – the born free Citizens of India about her great history and honor the sacrifice of thousands of lives to make what this Magnificent Nation is today.

Hoisting and watching a nation’s flag flying full-mast is the perfect symbolic gesture of celebration and wearing the tricolor flag on our chest gives the pride.

The little ones were excited to paint a white sheet with saffron and green to make the tricolor flags. They enjoyed sticking the paper flowers which were made out of those tricolored sheet onto every teacher’s dress which the teachers wore with great pride. The tiny tots beautifully handcrafted the outline Map of India by sticking the torn pieces of color crepe paper as a mark of their patriotism.

During the Independence Day special assembly in which the higher grade children performed the cultural programs, the youngest citizens (ELP Kids) of the school did the honors by adorning the head of School with the tricolor flowers in the presence of their seniors.

These simple activities kept them engaged, understand the importance of the day and made the celebrations meaningful.

Jai Hind.

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