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IAYP- AJ- Trip of a lifetime!!!

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You learn something new every single day and we the students of CPS Global School learnt lessons worth a lifetime in these four days. The CPS Global School- Worldview Education collaborative initiative has conceived Nature Turks – CAST Away, a program, in line with the International Award for Young People, IAYP which is the most adaptable and successful youth empowerment program. The CAST Away program is focussed on four components: Culinary, Adventure, Sports, Tradition and culture, partaking in which we get the opportunity to know ourselves and how we can impact the environment, and thus be able to make informed decisions to influence issues affecting ours and others’ lives.

71 students and 7 teachers of CPS Global School (both Anna Nagar and Thirumazhisai campuses) visited The Golden Boulder Campus in the borders of Telangana. Before the trip started, hardly did we realise that this would be one phenomenal trip as it proved to be. Living in an urbanized community where technology seems to eat up half our time with the buzzing noises of the cars and the ruckus and the rush, this seemed like a huge pause button on life. It was like one of those moments where everything stands still around you and you simply live that one moment with absolutely nothing on your mind, keeping all your worries aside, simply grateful to be there in the presence of nature cherishing that one breath, living…


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