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Happy to post!!!

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Post cards, postal stamps, Post man, Post box telegraph….Hold on! Do these words sound alien or outdated to you? The mirage of the digital world makes us presume so, but the reality is that Postal System serves millions of people across the world.

Whilst IT revolution encourages to adopt e-mails for paper mails but still the traditional postal system dominates as an effective network of communication and connects even the remotest places on the earth by evolving itself to compete with the new age software.

World Postal Day is celebrated for the younger generation to learn, know and appreciate its contribution to the development of any nation. The antiquity of the posts are definitely fascinating to the youngsters of the digital era.

Our ELP children were given an opportunity to visit the nearby Post Office to understand by themselves that these are just not existent but busy too. Children learnt about functioning of a post office by witnessing the routine work like stamping, zone sorting, batching them in bags for delivery by our beloved Postman.

The red colored Post box and the meaningful stamps attracted our tiny tots’ attention whose inevitable role in those olden days were explained and the kids were really happy to post their first post cards addressed to their parents in the letter box.

The little things were so involved that we will not be surprised if a few of them now choose stamp collecting as their hobby!!

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