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Buses, boats, and trains! There are many modes of transportation  that allow us to move from one part of the world to another, and learning about them is one  of the first things that little ones do as soon as they start commuting with their families.

During the early years, a child is dependent on their parents to carry them but once they start walking there is no stopping them.  First they are in their little strollers travelling the city with mom and dad and then it makes way for exploring every nook and cranny by foot or with their tiny scooters.

As soon as they start getting older, children start playing with toy cars, driving them through their house, which turns out to be a great exercise for developing spatial awareness. As they reach a certain age, bicycles are the way to go for many, who wish to set out on adventures with family and friends or just by themselves.

So, talking about their commuting choice comes almost naturally to the little ones. But there was more to this topic than just learning the names of vehicles.  After talking about it for a while ,our little readers enjoyed drawing and colouring their favourite transport in their drawing book as a part of Collin’s book – Level 1, Ch#2 Going Places.

We found out how your little one likes to travel!

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