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Gearing up for MUN4India at CPS Global!

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For all your time prepare,when you are the anvil bear, when you are the hammer strike. 
                                                                               APJ Abdul Kalaam.
Preparation is the key to success. MUN4India (MFI) is a platform for students to discuss, debate, and cooperate to address and find solutions to some of the pressing issues prevalent in the world. The MUN For India Conference is a Model of the United Nations and intends to educate students on the Sustainable Development Goals and encourage them to take charge and work together towards a better and sustainable future.
It requires meticulous planning to organize an event of this stature. This training formed the strong foundation for the members of our school’s organizing committee and gave an insight as to how to conduct an MUN. Upon our arrival at the Worldview Campus in Hyderabad we were acquainted with its natural surroundings and getting to know about our peers from other schools across India. The accommodation arranged for us helped us come closer to Nature. It helped us concentrate on the task at hand by sheltering us from the distractions of  city life. The Eco friendly practices of the campus made us aware of our duties to safeguard our world from pollution. Throughout our stay in the Worldview Campus we discussed many things such as the purpose and importance of Model UN Conferences, what MUN For India is, and finally how to become a host school for a MFI Conference in our city while at the same time addressing the various issues and difficulties that may crop up and other queries we had.

The various activities we took part in were not only fun and interesting but also educational and imparted key values- like cooperating with new and different people and working towards a common goal while putting aside our differences by communicating our ideas and opinions. Being away from our cluttered and noisy lives in the cities heightened our feeling of calm and peace and helped us focus on what we were learning together.

The highlight of the trip was undoubtedly the trek to the Golden Boulder. Through our trek we learned about the CLAP principle:

C- Communication

L- Line of Sight

A- Avoidance

P- Position

This principle is something that we can apply to other areas of our life as well. Dealing with the harsh environment of the forest area meant we had to communicate with each other and help each other throughout to make the tricky climb up, and improvising and making calculated and independent decisions when faced with obstructions.

This trek indirectly imparted knowledge on how to deal with issues we may come across while organizing our MFI Conference in our school, which I feel prepared us a lot considering that this will be the first time we are organizing such a large scale event.

The trip was extremely educational and an eye-opener for all of us. This training helped us appreciate the work of The United Nations and taught us the nuances to organize our own MUN.

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