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Freshers welcome- a student’s account

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The main aspect of a school fresher’s party is not an “ice breaking” session, but an opportunity for students to interact and ours at CPS Global School was no different. After half a day’s work we had a surprise in store for ourselves- the freshers’ welcome. Following the customary welcome, we played a game which ensured that individuals share facts or information about themselves, a spin on “hot potato”, which included a dose of adrenaline. Public speaking skills may have also improved and the buzz of excitement in the room represented our vivid nature.
We were soon gifted freedom, a chance to enjoy the outdoors. I personally connected with my elder and younger counterparts over soccer, while some opted for other games like dodge ball and throwball. Teamwork was crucial, and although I panicked occasionally, it was a good break.
We bonded over this occasion, and I hope that it is the first of many.
– Neha Prabhu, IBDP-yr1

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