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Flooded with thoughts – ELP 3C @ CPSGS ANN

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The smell of the rain soaked Earth and the lush greenery around is calming on our senses. However the rain can also play spoil sport and cause havoc in the form of floods.

Natural calamities are nature derived processes bringing about chaos and destructions.  Living in a huge country with varied topography we come across various such incidents often.  ELP 3 children are learning about floods in earth science. And what better way it could be understood other than a practical demonstration!

There was a model of a river bank and children witnessed   how the water burst the banks due to heavy rains.

Children keenly observed as the water made its way around the buildings and trees, entering houses and causing damage and we could see their little faces fill with worry, poignancy and their little minds parallelly scampering for quick solutions!

Though we are not always a direct witness to such situations the Importance of this knowledge is imperative. Learning to relate or developing social cognition, has become one of the more important goals for our school children.

Been there done that all inside the classroom!

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