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“Every human life is worth the same and worth saving” – Fire Safety Drill at CPSGS, TMZ

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CPS GS, Thirumazhisai organized a two-day first aid training course for teachers to help the work place to meet health and safety standards. The training was conducted by Mr. Chandran, a retired mechanical engineer, whose passion for helping others transformed him from being an engineer to a life saver. The training was all about saving lives. Knowing how to help a person in emergency situations is very important. Accidents and medical emergencies can happen anywhere at any time, an effective first aid can make the difference between life and death. The training emphasized practical skills in an interactive learning environment. It was an extremely informative, fun filled and above all valuable session. The course comprised of topics from basics like how to use a first aid kit, do scene assessment, treat minor cuts and wounds, how to do CPR, to more advanced topics such as identifying heart attack, strokes, fractures, handling defibrillation and oxygen therapy.  The two-day intensive workshop gave the teachers extensive knowledge about preventing injury from becoming worse, promoting the recovery eventually leading to preserving life.

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