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Empowering the Post Millenials…

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The symposium by the same name organised by ISBF under the academic direction of LSE, was an eye opener, expounding on how future proofing learning and ‘conversation’ (and not counselling) can pave the way to effective pedagogy. A symposium focussing on a myriad of aspects like proper curating of pedagogy to exploring the employability skills in the classroom pedagogy to futuristic concept of counselling, ie, conversation. The keynote address by Dr. James Abdey from LSE elicited with an interesting speculative quiz the importance of orienting students towards the future career aspirations. The sessions harped on realisation of one’s own personality and how to use it to facilitate communication, teaching and learning techniques (with real life examples of applied strategies) and self-research techniques along with the ‘smart’ subject choices for specialisation to be a forerunner in the professional world. Session on the psychological counselling session created a defined insight in the participants to be able to reach the core of the students’ heart and help them evolve. It laid emphasis on the importance of conversation between Parents -Children-Teachers rather than Counselling. With ideas bouncing off the symposium facilitators and participants, the whole went without a single dull moment.

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