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Darling Dolls
With the academic year approaching to close, the painful feel of separating from their buddies catching up along with raising summer heat drooping down the energy levels; it is very essential that we keep our students engaged and motivated till the last day!Wondering how we resolve this?

Eureka! Would it not be interesting if we organize a show and tell session where the kids share their cherishing moments and experience with their favorite things. Spot-on! The idea proved phenomenal. Show and Tell activity has always been an integral and key part of the child’s development in our early learning program and in the last term children spoke about ‘birds’. For this session, children were asked to bring their favorite things – be it a doll, stuffed toy, a puppet etc. with which they share a close relationship.

As anticipated the girls brought Barbie dolls, teddy bears while the boys favored masculine transformers, avengers, racing cars. Regardless, it was quite stimulating to all the kids as they watch each one of their pals walk the ramp closely holding their darling dolland tell us the “who,” “what,” and “why” stories behind their favorite things.

Kids spoke about the occasion from whom and when they received these dolls or toys as gifts, what are the special qualities, what they like to do with them also sharing some of their adventurous moments and why they are so special and valuable to them.

This particular show and tell activity turned out to be a rejuvenating kid spa session that boosted their morale and enthusiasm and we hope this energy spike will keep the kids involved for the rest of the term.

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