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ELP Junction: Socio Dramatic Play

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Are your children glued to the modern day electronic gadgets depriving them their social life? CPS GS pedagogy can help you create a healthier, happier social environment that understands the importance of spending more time communicating and connecting with one another.

Learning to socialize is a vital part of every child’s growing which is best demonstrated through Socio Dramatic plays. According  to Pediatric psychologists, “Sociodramatic play (SDP) is about negotiation and getting along with others, often overcoming different perspectives and backgrounds. It is what motivates and drives preschool exuberance and delight.”

Welcome to our ELP Junction – the venue for ELP SDP! The railway station that is indigenously developed, owned and run by our little champs. The ELP classroom reflected a real time busy junction with all the amenities and infrastructure for the passengers and the trains. It included the ticketing office, Passengers Rest Area, Luggage and Cloak room, Refreshments and a Police helpdesk!

It was great watching the children create and explore new worlds, enacting their assigned roles as station master, ticketing agent, GRPF, passengers getting into the characters with sheer joyful engagement. Children demonstrated how to use props, costumes, and spaces during the play.

This teaching practice is a CPS GS tested powerful tool for not just learning language, as children take on roles/characters, act out various scenarios and stories, and solve problems using language and movement. but also boost a child’s self-esteem, sense of belonging to a community, develop understanding of various behavioral traits, and communicating.  

The parents were overwhelmed to witness their children grow as a socially responsible human. We thank the parents who have had also played their role of onlookers and encouraged the kids perform. The audience support was commendable without which the SDP would have not fulfilled its objectives.

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