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March! March! Its ELP Assembly

At CPS, we impart knowledge through innovative methods and one of them is through assemblies. The school assembly session provides a visual and quick way for collecting information from peer to peer that is easily understood and stays firm in the minds of an onlooker.

The first Assembly of the year 2017-18 for the ELP students was held in the amphitheatre on Friday ,the 5th of January.  The students were seen to be energized to be a part of it. As soon as they were asked to line up for the assembly they quickly formed a tidy queue and marched towards the amphitheater. They all stood in the right order and it started with the school prayer thanking the Almighty for a wonderful 2017 and seeking blessings for a great 2018.

The teachers geared them up for a mass simple work out which included   touching their head, knees, toes to the tunes of rhymes that really boosted their energy levels. This was followed by a session on social behavior that could be practiced in school as well as at home especially wishing elders, following rules etc.

It concluded with the National Anthem and the children  dispersed to their classes in a disciplined form.

This rejuvenating session inspired us to have such assembly sessions on a continual basis on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays starting this New Year to create a mass learning platform for our enthusiastic learners.

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