“Education beats… At the heart of Sustainability”

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The power to change and to make a difference starts young. Carrying forward this belief, CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai organized a guest lecture for the students of IBDP YR 1 & 2, to help them think how a small, yet diligent thought from their end can have a tremendous impact on the world as we know it.

The speaker, Ms. Pavithra Mohanraj, founder of Infinitive Research and Advisory, collaborating with over 500 sustainability professionals, ‘Infinitive Research, and Advisory’ a start-up that enables businesses to transition to a circular model and provides thought leadership on the same. The session was attended by the faculty and students who were all ears.

The session started with a peculiar question- Is plastic really terrible?. It is ‘peculiar’ because we keep hearing all around us that plastic is dire and has to be discarded. But the lecture was a real eye opener- no it was actually a mind opener! Ms. Pavithra spoke about how it’s important to use something in an appropriate way. Plastic is a brilliant creation that is practically indestructible and if we keep declaring that plastic is bad, what is the substitute? She emphasized that it is not the material that’s bad but the way we use or dispose of it. She also showed how the perceptions of people can act as a major enabler or disabler in sustainability. Helping people get a properly measured idea of their actual needs is very important. Thus, sustainability can go a long way provided people think about changing their perceptions rather than doing things they deliberate to be right. She reaffirmed that the youth of today can make a huge difference in the perspectives of people. Ms Pavithra also told how it’s important to identify the actual problem and not lose sight of the same to find the solution.

The students and teachers had a great time interacting and were actually a bit disappointed that they could only spend a limited amount of quality time with her. Her lecture also proved to be valuable to the students from the TOK point of view as it reiterated that it’s natural for people to judge but what’s important is that we need to be quick to re-judge to get the most of what opportunity has in store for us. The take home from the session was indeed, there is an abundance of ideas but what’s important is its sagacious execution.



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