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Does Earth have an Expiry Date?

“A generation is going, and a generation is coming, but the earth remains forever.”

—KING SOLOMON, 11th Century B.C.E.

Our planet earth is a “fine souvenir” and a treasured possession gifted by God. Would we expect God’s gift to be transitory in nature, as nevertheless it came with an expiration date? Certainly not! That is obvious from the intrinsic design of our sphere. Sadly, reminiscent of global monetary debt crisis, earth’s ecological debt has initiated “planetary emergency”. Humans persist to chomp through our planet’s resources more rapidly than these can be replenished naturally. Can something be done?

Journey of a thousand miles must be taken one step at a time. Broods of our school have taken a first step by enthusiastically partaking in activities that takes to the destination called betterment of terrain. It was so delightful to make out students penning and painting their contemplation in leaf and proclaim about the exigency of saving the Planet. Here is the list of activities that took place in our school premises to emphasize on the conservation of nature. 

 “Nurture nature”- Rally with Pluck Cards: CAIE 1 & 2

“Alone we can do so little; together we can so much”- Helen keller

The students went just about the school premise to publicize about the need for mounting ecological debt. It was incredible to see our children undertaking this instance in thought provoking manner. With a hope of better tomorrow they have left a strong message in and everyone’s heart.

Poster making and slogan writing: CAIE 3

Visually striking posters and catchy phrases have been designed to attract the attention of passers-by. A momentary gaze can bring about a huge impact on the minds. Yes, colourful thoughts and massages was flowed on to the papers by the kids with vibrant sketches.

Wealth out of waste – WOW Project: CAIE 4 & 5

“Creativity is making marvellous out of the discarded”

Recycling is the process of renovating squanders into novel resources. It is an alternative to “conventional” waste disposal practise. The little hands did wonders with an aim of fabricating assets out of waste.

Yet another day at CPSGS Thirumazhisai to cherish the survival of nature!


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