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Diwali : The festival of lights 

CPS GS always has this legacy of celebrating key festivals with fervor and elegance. And when it comes to Diwali which is the greatest festival celebrated across India and even in other continents needs more pomp and show to which our ELP team did justice by organizing a string of activities in their own style.

An eagerly awaited festival for our children to whom it is because of wearing new clothes, eating sweets, bursting crackers, meeting relatives or friends to exchange pleasantries. But we wanted to give them more reasons to celebrate Diwali this year and hence all the aspects related to Diwali were explained to the children in a very interesting way.

An AV of the mythological story of Ram Sita was shown which tells that Diwali is celebrated as a day of home coming of Lord Rama after 14 years of exile.

Children were also advised to play safe diwali by being extremely careful while lighting candles or diyas at home and do it always under elders supervision. Children were told to celebrate Diwali in a environment friendly manner.

Children really enjoyed learning about knowing Diwali as the festival of light, particularly the Ram-Sita story, traditions and customs of lighting and decorating houses, shops and public places with small Diya lamps to guide Lakshmi, the goddess of wealth, into their homes.

The children had the opportunity to make and exchange Diwali wishing cards which is a great way to experience the festive mood while bonding with their friends. They carefully shaped them and selected a variety of tools to make variety of cards. Some even decorated their cards with brightly coloured paint and glitter. They looked fantastic!

Though Diwali is celebrated for many religious and cultural reasons, our children understood the idea of Diwali is to bring that aspect of celebration into our own lives – that is why we lit diyas, to set fire to our inner-self a bit! So the purpose is not just to have fun on this one day and go. It must happen like this within us every day.

Happy Safe Diwali

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