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Creativity at its Best, at CPS GS!!!

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“Life is like a play in the theatre: it does not matter how long it lasts: but how well it was performed!”

True to these words as we at CPSGS partook in a stress buster theatre workshop organised to appreciate the interdisciplinary importance of theatre in academics and as a preparation for our future upcoming school events.

The session was conducted by the dynamic thespian mother-daughter duo, Anjali Karhadkar, accredited IGCSE Drama Facilitator and Shivani Karhadkar, IGCSE Drama and IBDP Theatre Arts facilitator who came all the way from Pune to enlighten us with their vibrant and valuable insights on theatre and performing. The session started with an understanding of what the stage is and what the audience expect about stage presentation. The teachers had an amusing time walking around the hall in a different pace, as a part of learning about timing and its significance during stage shows.

We were given activities to make live photographs on stage and to reform them and create short meaningful plays out of them. After a quick coffee break, which turned out to be fun filled brain storming working break, we assembled again to discuss various stage layouts, equipments, casting and the art of budgeting! We also got an insight as to what makes a play appealing and what to avoid.

We also saw some of the student works, coursework of the IGCSE candidates of Ms. Shivani that was beyond doubt enthralling. This was followed by collaborative group work to think of ideas for our annual day. We had ideas all the way from princesses to Alice in Wonderland and the use of technology in Ramayana – truly invigorating!

The day ended with plenty of group pictures and a positive, creative thought to all future CPSGS endeavours!



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