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CPSites Celebrate 72 years of independence with Flamboyance!

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Indeed, it was a great moment when the CPS global education campus came together to celebrate and honour our country’s Independence Day on 15th August.

Students, council members, parents and teachers from both the CBSE and GLOBAL campuses joined together in exhibiting a solemn show for all present. The quiet but illustrious day started with a prayer song. After the prayer song, the HOS from the Global campus and the Principal for the CBSE campus, both hoisted our national flag with much patriotism and honour, giving goose bumps to those who were watching silently with a proud and determined salute. This was followed by the Indian national anthem which was sung by all and it was a glorious moment reverberated throughout the quadrangle. The students also sung the flag song, to show their uttermost respect for the symbol of independence. 

The teachers from our Global campus then joined in the commemoration by performing a charismatic patriotic song. The HOS and the Principal then addressed the gathering and shared their heartfelt message on this promising occasion. Those present were in for a surprise when it was time to felicitate the chief guest. The chief guests for the day were none other than the farmers who are like our soldiers. They strive to keep the hunger at bay for the people in the country even at the cost of great struggles and sacrifices. The Head boy and Head girl of both the campuses came together with the HOS and the Principal to honour them.

The students from the CBSE campus then performed a highly contemporary and a thought provoking skit about the importance of women’s safety, freedom and empowerment. A student representative from both the campuses then shared their views about independence. From the global campus it was our Head girl who was invited to speak and she rose up the occasion with immense zeal and grace. She delivered a spectacular speech that spoke of India’s journey so far and recent developments that according to her works towards a ‘United India for the future’. Remembering the Korean Independence Day which is also celebrated on the 15th of August, our friends from Korea also sang the national anthem of South Korea.

The celebrations ended on a sweet note, as chocolates were distributed and shared with one another. The celebrations reminded and reinforced what our country stands for – that even with all the diversities we the CPSites stand tall together, United!

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