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CPS GS’s Day Out- Senior Field Trip

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Once in a while everyone deserves a break! After weeks of stressful days and hard work, students and teachers alike, got their much-deserved bout of fun.

On 2nd February, Cps Global School TMZ had organized a field trip to Wild Tribe Ranch, an adventure games/sports theme park in ECR, Chennai. The theme park was filled with various rides and games to keep us entertained, such as the rodeo bull, devil’s ramp (a belay track obstacle course), bungee soccer and much more. The facility also had a cafeteria to keep us energized and refreshed.

It can unanimously be said that the most thrilling and enjoyable ride in the park was the extreme bungee ejection, a contraption that catapulted you into the air and once the adrenaline drained we were left with a beautiful view of the beach. It was amazing to see how the bravehearts were enthusing the not so bravehearts to try for the sake of that one  adrenaline rush!!!

As for the most competitive game, Dodge and Jump is at the top of the list, veering from the path of two rotating beams on a bouncy platform is a much harder task than it seems to be but it is safe to say that we all had fun.

This trip had not only been a wonderful way to let loose but also a great bonding experience between the teachers and students outside the regular school environment.

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