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CPS Global School TMZ – Field Trip – Learning Experience

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To have a more knowledge on Indian culture and tradition, We at CPS Global School arranged a trip for the students of grade 7,8 & 9 to”Dakshin Chitra” – An Heritage centre at  Mutukadu, Chennai. This centre displays the different types of houses reflecting the culture and heritage of south Indian states like Kerala, Tamil Nadu etc. The wall paintings and artefacts displayed there, clearly connected all of us to the culture and tradition of our ancestors. The centre also displayed the models related to our mythology like the Kamdhenu cow, old vessels and utensils used for cooking and servings.

The Shadow Puppet Show on one of stories of Lord Krishna showcased at the centre was interesting. There was also some activities like rice grinding (Stone grinder), Pottery, stone carving etc. which our students performed to have a practical hands on experience.Students and teachers made their own earthen pots with the help of the potter. There were artists presenting a musical martial art show and all our students enjoyed all the activities thoughly.

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