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We must facilitate toddlers to use their imagination, and this can be done only when we leave them on their own to visually express their thoughts ideas to take shape.

Clay provides that medium. Playing with clay is therapeutic; it is calming and helps in focus, making a child sit totally engrossed and heedless having not called on mom or dad.

Most of us would have seen how our little one comes running into the kitchen when we get ready to mix dough. They would innocently ask for some or just whisk away a good chunk without our knowledge!  Be it wheat dough or play doh, they get very excited touching and feeling it.

The munchkins of ELP 1 had the opportunity to explore this at class. Feeling the squishy and mushy dough ball and letting their imaginations run wild, we saw creepy crawlies,  their favourite food, animals and much more roll out of their imagination and come to life .

It made us wonder how nimble their little fingers can get!

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