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Chosen Leaders of Tomorrow!

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True leaders don’t create followers; they create more leaders- J Sakiya Sandifer. Pursuing and bringing this quote to life, CPSGS Thirumazhisai, hosted an ostentatious Investiture Ceremony, yet another momentous day for the Student Council members 2019-20. It is a day of dignity and pride; a day to don the mantle of responsibilities and to bestow the pledge, for they are the newly chosen student leaders of tomorrow. The day began from the escorting of the Chief Guest Commander Manish Bhradwaj, Naval WT Station, CRPF with the thunder like drum beat roll and to the council members standing in dignified posture in their positions. The formal routine for such day progressed from beginning the day with the blessings from the almighty and to the welcoming and felicitating of the Chief Guest. Hoisting the national flag, school flag and house flags brought out the sense of allegiance among the audience. 

The prim and proper student council members’ march to the dais, as announced their positions, striding up to receive their sash, badges and appointment order was a glorious sight to witness. Unwrapping the picture of loyalty, the inducted council members took the investiture vow with great partisanship. With grand gesture of sincerity and devotion, the chief guest persuaded the leaders stating, “authority comes with responsibility and accountability; hunger for perfection and accomplishing actions will inspire the followers.” Captivating inspiration from such expression, we at CPSGS deem the chosen leaders are the leaders of tomorrow who would lead and succeed. 

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