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Celebrating India’s 70th Republic Day

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‘A nation’s culture resides in the heart and in the soul of people’ – Mahatma Gandhi

CPS GS, Thirumazhisai celebrated the patriotic spirit of 26th January and commemorated India’s 70th Republic Day with great pride. The festivities on this red-letter day commenced on a musical note by our euphonious primary students. The students of IBDP and IGCSE exhibited their versatile palette of talents by forming splendid pyramid formations, ringing in unity in the regional diversity through songs and a beautifully choreographed dance performance with stunts. The following day, the IAYP students put forth these special songs, dance and pyramid formations to entertain and spread the feeling of patriotism in every client’s heart at the Banyan- a home they visit on a weekly basis. In order to accommodate diversity, an important aspect in the representation of our nation, the students had a carefully curated multilingual script ensuring that every person in the audience enjoyed the celebration. The ultimate reward for all the hard work, effort and planning put in by the students for the success of both days, was the satisfaction brought by the joy and delight on the faces of the audience. The aura of patriotism lingered in the hearts and minds of every proud Indian and the entire school was resplendent in the shades of the tricolour.

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