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The school organized an exclusive session for the students of grade CAIE 6 with Ms Thilak Rani, Corporate Trainer, Communication English, as part of their book talk conducted every Thursday between 3.30pm and 4.30pm, on January 9, 2019. Ms Thilak Rani opened her session by narrating the context of the story, Umbrella Man by Roald Dahl, to the children. Following that, she asked them several questions about the three main characters involved, and encouraged to predict what would happen next in the story. She had a few kids read the story aloud, part by part, and as they did so, she introduced them to new vocabulary, and in turn related words/synonyms with the new words they learnt. The students were greatly involved in the session and were waited with keen curiosity to know what might happen next. Finally, she stopped just before the end of the story, and told students to go home, and reread the story and find out the end. The session was informative, enriching and engaging.

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