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Book Lovers Day @ CPSGS ANN

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“Books are the plane,

and the train, and the road

they are the destination,

and the journey.

They are home.”

-Ana Quindlen

Giving life to these wise words , on August 6th 2019, our learners of CAIE 1 and 2  shared their valuable  story books  that they have created with their parents to celebrate Book Lovers Day. The magical gateway and bonding with family witnessed presentations of varied storybooks with different genres from fantasy, adventure to mystery. It was such a joy to see young children with colourful books that  owned beautiful messages  to inculcate moral values like helping people , being truthful , to be positive ,being wise and kind . This wonderful opportunity made children to realize that books can be a source of paradise to live a happy life. We are sure that this reflection will definitely shape our students as dynamic and global citizens in future.

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