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Bommai Golu – where the dolls come alive – ELP @ CPSGS ANN

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Festivals are times to rejoice, celebrate and have fun with friends and family. Navaratri is celebrated in different parts of the country in different names and ways but the basic essence of the celebration remains the same .It is a time for sacred gathering, austerities, selfless acts not to forget the feasts and dancing.

Golu, an artistic display of colourful dolls and clay statues of God, depicts historical, mythological and folklore’s and is very significant to Navarathri in Tamilnadu. Children and women indulge in Golu hopping where divine doctrines interlace with rhapsodic music and frankincense in each home.

This positivity and energy filled the ELP block where children were grooving to music to dance the garba!  What a sight it was to see our little tots come adorned and dressed in traditional attire. It was just as though the“Dolls came to life”on that day.

CPS Global School wishes you a Happy Navarathri.

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