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Time has flown by and the last day of school is here! We still reminiscence in memories of the first day of school when our tiny tots entered classrooms teary-eyed. Saying good bye to spend those 3-4 hours at school was not easy for them.

 To settle them, we sang a song, played a rhyme and had fun with games.

In our time together, they learnt patience through circle time activities, discipline by following directions from teachers, astute life skills and a host of other things.

They became readers, mathematicians, scientists, inquirers, and many such more. They were a true friend when they took turns, worked through each other’s stumbles and laughed together at silly jokes!

They ran into their teachers comforting arms when they missed their mum or dad to get a reassuring “Don’t worry they will be back soon “. There were lots of hugs, high fives, stars and smileys that filled their little hands as a part of appreciation. Now those little hands are ready to wave us goodbye!

To mark the end of a memorable school year, our ELP children came dressed up in colourful dresses brimming with energy. They had great fun dancing to different songs with their friends. Children held up letter flash cards and arranged themselves to unscramble the words “Happy Holidays. The celebration came to a finale when our tiny tots took pride in holding hands with their besties and walked down a “Hall of fame” ramp.

Soar high little eaglets, sky is your limit !

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