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Raising the artist in you…
A workshop on abstract art was conducted for students of CAIE 3 – A-level by Coimbatore- based Ms Shruthi Bennadict, an art graduate. Ms Shruthi Bennadict opened the session by asking students what their idea of art is, what they knew about art and the different types of art.
Students, especially the young ones came up with interesting answers like “Creativity” and “Innovation”. Ms Shruthi Bennadict then threw light on how she came across abstract art. She told the students that abstract art isn’t just random lines and colours but a meaningful illustration of an idea or feeling. The only difference between abstract and realistic art is that abstract art is non-defined.

She threw light on the differences by showcasing artwork – by famous artistes as well as her own.
Finally, students were made to attempt an abstract art themselves with the guidance of Ms.Shruthi Bennadict. They thoroughly enjoyed the session carrying back with them a piece of abstract art.

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