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ANANDAM – a haven of happiness

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Just as the name suggests, the old age home reverberates with happiness. The home houses 105 senior citizens from various walks of life. The home does not just merely provide a roof for senior citizens but also gives them a family, a family where each of them nurture each other with love. This home added new members to its family when the elders in the home, many of them well educated decided to nurture downtrodden younger ones in the surrounding area by teaching them for free. They have definitely proved that age is just a number and anyone can conquer the world with love.

When the IBDP Yr 1 students visited the old age home for their CAS activity, it surely was a humbling experience. The students had bought bed sheets to be distributed to the elderly people at the home with contributions from the entire school. The home is fully taken care of by its residents, from which the students learned the importance of independence and inter-dependence. As the students were taken around the entire premise, the Students Tuition Centre took all by storm not only because of the immaculate classrooms or the library but also because the students became aware of the power of initiative. Although the residents of this home have neither an income nor an heir to look after them, there was no scope for sympathy, for everyone in the home were content. At the end of the day, students had learned many many things but the foremost was the joy of giving.


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