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An Opportune Pursuit to a Successful Year!!!

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Working towards success is definitely possible when someone initiate, evaluate and progress in day today learning. For a team’s success, it is mandatory for the team to corroborate Edward Everett Hale’s statement. “Coming together is beginning; keeping together is process; working together is success.”

The CPSGS team came together to process their success, accepting every initiation and opportunity furnished. This year, CPSGS has successfully initiated  Trans-disciplinary approach for the Primary learners for a better understanding of the academics in a real-world context. This idea is to enable the learners to develop researching, critical thinking and collaborating skills.

The day one of the professional development training began with a team building activity. The activity conducted, focused on, “thinking out of the box to reach towards a team’s goal.” Followed by, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s research on Water, Consciousness and Intent, to understand our the reactions and emotions in the water molecules present in our bodies.

The day two of the professional development training started with a Yoga Session conducted by Mr. Bala Nayagam and Mrs. Asha Rani. This session enlightened the teachers the importance of balancing our mind and soul for a peaceful atmosphere.

The two days training also included the roles and responsibilities of every teacher, orientation on the Cambridge support site, usage of educloud and it’s importance in the academic sessions, help of designmate in classes, department meetings, bridging of Global perspectives to Theory of Knowledge, session on mindfulness etc. Carrying forward such effective learning will shape every professional, giving them confidence in the journey of a successful academic year.


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