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Act Now. Gift A Life.- Cancer Awareness Walkathon

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You can’t cross the sea merely by standing and staring at the water, and this initiative by the Datri organisation to create awareness about stem cell donation to help cancer patients is one huge leap forward to crossing the sea of oblivion. The students of CPS Global School were given the unique opportunity to participate in the walkathon organised by the Datri organization along the shores of the Besant Nagar beach on the 4th of February, also celebrated as World Cancer Day. This walkathon’s main objective was to create awareness amongst the people, that popular to the common notion, that cancer is incurable, there are certain types of cancer like blood cancer which can be cured by donating stem cells. Cutting- edge technological developments and proper handling techniques  are strengthening our life span. Understanding the nature with nano-level observations, made everyone there think far and wide in medical science. Now, having reached the usage of stem cells for treatment, advancements are going ahead that today, we are in the division of Stem cell donation.

There are millions of people out there struggling their way out of cancer and we believe that we need to support them in our own little way possible. Through this walkathon we hope that everyone between the age of 18 to 50 will definitely donate their stem cells and be a part of the greater good. We are honoured to take part in such a noble cause. Act Now. Gift A Life.


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