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A tryst with Art

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CPS Global School, Thirumazhisai created yet another opportunity to pave paths for the Visual Art students of IBDP through the Art Exhibition titled “Thoorigai”, painting brush in Tamil. The event was graced upon by Mrs. Geetha Surendra, art aficionado and Head of Initiatives, CPS Schools Group. The IBDP visual arts teachers, Mrs. Abinaya and Mr. Maanas proved to be an immense support to the students, which was very evident through the thorough articulation of the event. Through this spectacle, the visual arts students of IB year 2 have brushed their talents to create emotions in the viewers. Under the themes Blur, Time and Mental Illnesses, the three students have been able to find a similar voice although their titles say otherwise. From digital pieces to fine art pieces the students essayed their ideas into visual treats. The theme of Mental Illness brought overwhelming emotions in the visitors, Blur created awareness regarding issues and beauty standards whereas Time took viewers down the memory lane. The spectacle proved to be a learning experience to the visual arts students of IBDP year 1. The students were supported by parents and friends, the gallery overflowed with joy and adoration and ending on a successful note.

Confessions of IBDP- Year 2 Visual Arts students,

The Class of 2019

PS: Since the art exhibition is part of the assessment, none of the art pieces have been captured in frame.

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