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A teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops.

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CPSGS believes in great teachers to inspire the dynamic, young minds of our students. The entire CPSGS family attended a one day workshop at the Anna Nagar Campus,  that guided and aspired them to achieve greater heights in teaching. The workshop flagged off with a yoga session to mark International Yoga day. Ms Parimala, renowned yoga instructor demonstrated and assisted the teachers through various asanas like Thirkoasana series, Satsangasana, Bhujangasana, and Savaasana. The  refreshing Yoga session was followed by a discourse by Mr.  Jayadev Sharma, founder of Inner Connection on vibrational intelligence, PEAK- Powerful Esoteric Authentic Knowledge aimed at increasing productivity with respect to decision making, planning, preparing and performing a task. Last but not the least was the highly interactive and informative session on classroom management and behavioral issues by senior counselor, Ms. Swapna Nair, who has years of expertise of being a student counselor. She explained the importance of creating a teacher – student rapport. Elaborating on the golden rules to be followed to be an efficient teacher  namely the  2R’s- Rules, Routine, 2p’s – Planning and patience, 3 E’s – Enthusiasm , Energy and Excitement and 4 A’s – Attention, Attitude, Affection and Acceptance. Ms. Nair discussed effective handling of students with learning difficulties. She introduced the teachers to a gamut of innovative classroom activity techniques. The workshop rejuvenated the teachers and prepared them for another year of excellence in facilitating students.

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