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It’s a ‘Pi’ed up world!

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It’s easy to dismiss anything related to Mathematics as tedious or uninteresting, but what about an infinitely long, non-repeating number whose value is indeterminable? p is an irrational number and its value is essentially unknowable. It has fascinated the human race for 4000 years, from the Babylonians to present-day π enthusiasts.

To commemorate the mathematical constant on its designated day, March 14, the class of CAIE 8 hosted a special assembly. Adding elements of humor, the students created a brief presentation to discuss the significance of π and its appliance in everyday Mathematics and Physics. Some interesting Pi Day trivia was shared, concluding with short quiz to test the interest of our peers. The response was impressive and beyond our expectations, which was duly rewarded by chocolates! However, the highlight was the live call connected to one of our seniors, Siddarth Kannan of IBDP – Year 2, unfortunately absent in school, who gave  a jaw dropping act as he ‘rattled’ out almost 35 digits of the value of p in one breath leaving all speechless!!! Pi Day assembly was successful because ‘pi’e is absolutely delicious.

Have an irrational day!

Aadila Zakir Hussain, CAIE 8

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