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A Day to Equip Superpowers!

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It’s the beginning of the academic year here at the CPS GS family. The teachers from Thirumazhisai and Anna Nagar were in for an extravagant learning.

The morning session was conducted by Ms. Swapna Nair who helped us mirror on how to stay true to the various attributes like being reflective, confident, engaged to name a few, so that no matter how many teachers come and go, they leave a legacy of learnings behind. As Ms. Swapna said, ‘Teachers are mere buildings that may or may not be there as time passes but our legacy is like the Roads, Perpetual and Undying!’ So if the morning session was invigorating, the post lunch session was even more astounding.

Leading the teachers in their quest for new information was Dr. Sharmila Anand, along with her daughter Ashely who was equally impressive as her mother and a team of young interns. Dr. Sharmila acquainted the teachers with a whole new concept – “Parentteening”. She facilitated to identify that dormant kid in every single teacher by telling us a very simple thing with the help of our very own Marvels Avengers. Every teacher is an avenger, a super hero, a change maker who can make a big difference. By dividing the group to three groups namely – THOR, IRON MAN and BLACK WIDOW she broadened the AAA effect and how they were important. Acknowledgement, Appreciation and Aspiration are imperative for a child’s growth and development and act as INFINITY STONES that are hidden in each child that needs to be exposed by the teachers.

After all it’s easy to deal with success, but what we need to do is, equip our children to bounce back from failures as well!

So to a new academic year here we come! Avengers Assemble!

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