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A Day Out With Wildlife

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A field trip was organized on 6th February 2016, to Vandalur Zoo. The day begun with a great hustle bustle with the students and teachers of Grades IV,V and VI equally excited.  Since, the Vandalur Zoo is a huge campus, battery-operated cars which can accommodate up to 30 members were hired. The students had a great time watching the various animals, birds and reptiles.

Then, was the highlight of the trip, the Lion Safari. This created a lot of excitement in all the students as the lions would be freely roaming whom they can watch from caged vans. This trip was about 30 minutes. Lots of memories were captured on  the cameras and the students returned with pleasant memories of the day as well as reflecting on the habitats of wild animals and how far man is able to provide such ambiance in the artificial setting.

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