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A Date with Wildlife!!! – Field trip to Vandalur Zoo.

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“A child who loves animals is an adult who has compassion for people.”

The day dawned bright and cheerful, full of palpable excitement for students from CAIE1 to CAIE 5 of CPS GS, Thirumazhisai. Yes!! It was the day of their field trip, to the most exciting place for any child – the zoo, the Arignar Anna Zoological Park, Vandalur, the first public zoo in India! The happiness of being on a trip with their friends and teachers was evident in their radiant faces. The children were in their best behaviour as  the teachers guided them inside the zoo. The snacks-ban inside the premises didn’t deter their enthusiasm even a wee bit. Amidst shouts of glee the children got into the buggy to drive around the zoo, spread over a sprawling 602 hectares.

The first enclosure was that of  Emu. The little ones watched in amazed as a couple of the big birds strolled around lazily. The leopard enclosure appeared empty at first glance. As the students strained to spot it, they realized it was right in front of them on a tree branch, camouflaged  by the leaves. The majestic Royal Bengal Tiger was the star attraction of the day! The little ones were awestruck when the big cat eased into the pool and did a few strokes in water for their benefit.  The next stop was the salt water crocodile. It thrilled the kids to see a crocodile, as still as a statue, with its menacing mouth wide open.  The most popular snake house has a variety of snakes- the rat snake, the Indian Viper, python, green snake to name a few. The children waited with bated breath to see if the python would grab the food that was in its vicinity. The hippos were blissfully soaking in the water. The aquarium with its colourful fish mesmerised everyone. The white peacock was the show stopper. It had the children spellbound when it spread its feathers and did a small jig. The final stop was at the zoo museum that showcased exhibits of insects, plants, minerals and different types of soils. With undiminished exhilaration it was a day well spent for the Juniors of CPS GS Thirumazhisai- a day of learning and experiencing  the wild inhabitants of  our earth as best as possible.


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